Presenter Cyndi McLeod

No Words Unsaid, No Deeds Undone – ending well

Life-limiting illness is one of life’s most stressful experiences imaginable – for the person who is ill, their family and friends. Cyndi, Day Hospice Program Manager at Abbotsford Hospice understands it takes courage to face your own life and death or that of one near & dear. Hence, Cyndi designed The Link at Holmberg House to bring together people living at home with a life-limiting/life-altering illness in a meaningful, life enhancing way, as well as caregivers.

Having experienced both the loss of a loved one unexpectedly and having been a caregiver for a family member living with life-limiting illness, Cyndi is all too familiar with the ‘roller coaster of emotions’ that can and do present at end of life.  It is from these experiences that she draws her compassion and empathy when supporting others around these matters.  Cyndi has been educating and supporting families on the Dementia path for many years, developing & leading workshops & education addressing the ‘tough’ conversations, assisting clients with advocacy and patient navigation, as well as facilitation of support groups. Alongside her career in allied health, Cyndi has completed her End of Life Doula Training, and holds a background in Transpersonal Psychology & Human Behaviour.

Event Schedule – Catch Cyndi at 11am on June 13th

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