Physical Health

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Our physical health includes our physical well-being, including the state of our organs, muscles, and bones; exercise level; and nutrition. Watch the videos by:

  • Shelley Dhillon-Bhalla and Dr. Jenessa Nyvall, Abbotsford family doctors, to learn health promotion and disease prevention tips.
  • Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod on fun exercises.
  • The Abbotsford Mayor encouraging seniors to be active.
  • Registered Dietitian Jessica Young on healthy eating tips.
  • Clinical Pharmacist Lori Blain and Dr. Dhillon-Bhalla to learn about the importance of medication reviews.

Delicious selection of fruit and spices

Additional resources to help keep
you in great physical health:

Check out the Medication Review brochure in English and in Punjabi.

Keep fit and have fun with Hal & Joanne.

Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod

More video resources below.

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