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About Aging Well, Planning Well

The Abbotsford Division of Family Practice and multiple community organizations and care providers have come together to provide information to older adults (~60+) to support the prevention and management of chronic health conditions and to bolster health, financial, and life planning. Through this education initiative, we hope that seniors and their loved ones will learn fun health tips, take steps to plan for their future, try new exercises, and connect with resources and services.

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Amplifon is a global leader in hearing healthcare. With 70+ years of experience, we’ve developed a deep understanding of how to care for different customer needs. Through our complimentary hearing test and free follow-ups, our services focus on making you feel at ease every step of the way. Learn more:

At Archway Community Services, we’ve been ‘people helping people’ for 50+ years. Our 90+ programs include interpretation and translation, food bank, and more. We also have a range of dedicated seniors services. We are committed to supporting our community and helping older adults with ‘aging well.’ Visit for more information.

The City of Abbotsford is committed to serving older adults through programs in our recreation centers for seniors, as well as through maintaining outdoor spaces for recreation and socializing. The City also works with other older adult service providers to ensure Abbotsford is an Age Friendly Community. Learn more:

Because life is filled with uncertainty, we’re committed to delivering advice and solutions to help protect the things our clients’ value at every life stage. Whether implementing comprehensive risk strategies or connecting clients with specialists in trusts, estates, and other risk mitigation products, we’ve got the expertise to help. Visit

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Global BC is celebrating a milestone in 2020: 60 years on air & in the community! Global BC continues to be the most watched television station. With a team of experienced and trusted journalists, Global BC provides viewers with award-winning journalism, digging deeper to find the truths behind issues that matter most to residents.

Community and Supporting Sponsors

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Keep fit and have fun with
Hal Johnson & Joanne McLeod!

Your physical health is something that sets the foundation for the future you. If being active or exercising hasn’t been a priority, you can definitely hop on board anytime. Download the Aging Well, Planning Well magazine for fun exercise and health tips from Hal & Joanne and click on their video created for the Aging Well, Planning Well initiative!

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Learn more about the Aging Well, Planning Well focus areas and watch videos by local leaders and providers on the topics.

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